4 Causes of Feverish Body – Symptoms and Treatment

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Health is one of the most important things for human beings. Health is a determinant of activities or activities that can be done everyday. health is also the key to human life. In the absence of health, all human possessions poker88 have no meaning whatsoever. Human health is very expensive. How good is a person, how honorable a person is, how beautiful or handsome a person is if his body is unhealthy, then nothing will matter.

Many people say that health is expensive, and that’s true. Man can not afford to buy the health that God has given man. When God has bestowed health, man is obliged to thank him and also to take care of him.

Disease Agency mergan

If human health is disturbed, then it causes pain. Disturbed human health means that humans are experiencing a certain illness. Although sometimes pain can not be seen with the eyes, the presence of pain can easily be felt. Things like this will require us to always be grateful and do not forget to always take care of our health. Diseases that can arise and attack humans consist of various types of diseases, whether it is mild, moderate, and severe. Pain like this too many causes.

Some are caused by health problems, some are caused by viruses, some are caused by other bacteria. But not infrequently also the disease caused by the tap activity of the person is too dense or too much so sometimes not easy to eat, too tired to cause fever up and down, fever, or even flu symptoms accompanied by causes of cough with phlegm.

Some diseases that often attack humans are a type of mild disease. This type of mild disease includes flu and cough, fever, and also fever. These types of minor ailments are a disease that often attacks humans in a relatively short span of time. Especially in the transition season or the transition from rainy season to dry season and preferably, then these diseases are easy to come and also attack us. Some of the above diseases can also be a symptom of a particular type of severe illness. the above minor totojitu ailments also often attack anyone regardless of age and gender. In fact, sometimes the most frequently attacked is the children-children or toddlers. One type of mild disease that we will discuss in this opportunity is feverish.

Cheerful is one type of disease classified as a mild disease that often affects a person regardless of time, place, and age. This fever is one of the common diseases that are among the people of Indonesia. This fever can be caused by certain things. Cheerfulness also has the symptoms that we can see together.

Fever is a condition where the body’s anti-biotic is in a weak state. As we know that anti-biotk function in tubub is to keep the body in order to avoid the evil viruses that can eventually attack and also endanger human. If the anti-biotic in this body in a state of weakness, then the state of the body becomes unstable so that the body will be easily terserag germs or disease viruses ditetu. Therefore feverish inflammation becomes the beginning of symptoms of a particular disease. Then, what are some of the things that cause this fever? (read also: symptoms of dengue fever in children)

The cause of fever can occur by several things, especially matters relating to the state of the human body. Some things that cause the human body to be feverish, among others:

The rain
Rain is one of the things that often make the body become feverish. Especially rain in the amount of rain that is very heavy and also in the period long enough, such as half an hour to one hour. Long time rain may be bringing the impact of the body to be feverish. Children who occasionally wipe out rain-soakedness are pengeluaran togel often affected, so there are often parents who forbid their children from playing with rain to avoid this disease. (read also: the danger of rain water for health)

Fatigue is also one of the easiest factors to bring jolly impact to the human body. Someone who has too much activity is very susceptible to this disease. especially for someone who often do activities outdoors. Therefore someone who has a lot of activity done every day needs to provide stock of vitamins so as not to get sick easily, especially vitamin C. (see also: 34 foods that contain the highest vitamin C)

Too long in the water
Just like the rain, too long in the water can sometimes cause the body to be feverish. Activities done in the water for those who are not accustomed to being in the water environment can sometimes bring bad or bad effects. Like swimming. Children usually love to swim and also play in the water, but when they are too long in the pool (for example during the hours, then there is a possibility they may be hit by this fever, so limit the children who do swimming and also play in the water (read also: the danger of rain water for health)

Too much ice
Who does not like ice? Ice is a fresh drink whose existence is always liked by many people. Moreover, this ice has so many kinds, so that more and more people are fond of this ice. when a person consumes excessive amounts of ice, then someone is at risk of this feverish disease. this often happens to children. Children love ice so much that when they drink too much ice it can make them feverish. (read also: danger of drinking ice water after meals)

Those are some things that can cause fever in the human body. Then, how can we know that our bodies fell ill? We can see the symptoms or signs of fever in our bodies.

Symptoms of Fever Disease

This feverish disease comes preceded by certain symptoms which of course we can see. Some of the symptoms that mark datagnya disillusioned diseases include:

1. Sore throat

Sore throat is a common symptom experienced when the body is feverish. This sore throat is usually accompanied by difficulty in the throat to swallow. Usually this sore throat occurs or is felt for three to four days. In this phase should be dealt with immediately, because if not handled soon will bring an increasingly bad impact and kekelabal body will be reduced. (read also: how to treat sore throat in children)

2. Runny nose

One of the next fever is a runny nose. This runny nose usually occurs for two to three days. this runny nose becomes one of the symptoms that is often troublesome because the patient can difficulty breathing. (read also: the cause of colds do not go away)

3. Nose tertumbst

In addition to runny hysterectomy, other symptoms are nasal congestion. This stuffed nose occurs due to obstruction of the swollen nasal passages, as well as the presence of inflamed blood vessels.

4. Cough

Coughing can also be an early symptom of this fever. cough is caused by a viral infection. This cough will usually disappear by itself when feverish. But when your cough is not lost for a week or more, you should see a doctor. (read also: causes of cough with phlegm)

5. Sneeze

Another feverish symptom is sneezing. Sneezing accompanied by cough, sore throat, and also the flu will get closer to the fever.

6. Few headaches

In the early phase you get feverish, maybe the first headache you will feel. This indicates that the headache is also one cause of fever body. Next is about the feverish treatment that we can do.